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redefining construction

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A leader in commercial construction, Kuhns Group has been creating construction innovation solutions for quick service restaurant brands for over 20 years. Their consistent focus on speed and efficiency has fueled a unique process that has attracted quick service brands such has McDonalds, Chic-Fil-A, and Starbucks. To help position the company to compete on a national scale, Christopher & Mae was tasked with developing a strategy for the brand that celebrated the company’s story and sparked engagement with target audiences.

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Over the course of 9 months, we met with owner Chad Kuhns and his team to understand the impact of their approach to construction. We reviewed their portfolio of work, client feedback testimonials, and took a deep dive into the mechanics of their process to identify the connection points between market needs and their story. Our findings uncovered a methodology rooted in intention. Whether it was an immersive review of the job with a client or honest internal dialog that traveled both top down and bottom up, each phase of their process was executed with a purpose. Equipped with this knowledge, Christopher & Mae set out to communicate this value visually through a new logo and identity.

A perspective inspired design, the main logo created for Kuhns Group included distinct lines that blended 2D and 3D spaces depending on your focus. This element of the mark is representative of the Kuhns Group approach to their work. The right path isn’t always forward.

Sometimes it takes taking a step back or engaging in bottom up / top down discussions.

No matter the direction it’s done with the goal of elevating the brand and it’s clients, partners, and most importantly its people.

Powered by the CORE

In addition to the main logo, the Christopher & Mae team created an identity for the process that is held in such high regard. This CORE element of the Kuhns Group brand fuels both external business services as well as internal professional development initiatives. To bring this modality to life visually, we created a model of a mechanical series of gears that work asychonously to achieve a desired objective.