Work From Where You May

It's been a wild last couple of years and the world isn't quite the same as it was before. We've had to adapt to so many new habits. What it means to work remotely has changed, also. We think the traditional view of the office needs a rebrand.

Whether it’s from home, from the office, co-working from a friend’s house, or from a coffee shop—we know quality work can happen anywhere. Actually, we’ve found rotating between different workspaces can be a helpful strategy to spur fresh approaches and new ideas.

A work from home format might be ideal for those with children. A flexible schedule may help accommodate drop off, pick up, or extracurriculars. We're firm believers that it doesn't matter what time of the day the projects are happening if the work is getting completed. 

Many of us also find partaking in a cup of joe at local coffee shops can help get the creative juices flowing. Some of our favorites include Press in the Oregon District or Warehouse 4 with two locations either in Kettering or Vandalia. If a meeting is needed, Boston Stoker has reservable space in their Centerville location that’s convenient to schedule. Gem City Market, a co-op on the corner of Salem and Superior Avenue, is another one of our favorites. And we’re excited about the upcoming West Social Tap & Table that’s coming soon.

For those times when some face-to-face is needed, Christopher & Mae is happy to have an office in the Hub located in the downtown Dayton Arcade. We chose the Hub because it is centrally located, creating an equal journey point for our local team regardless of where they live. Also, the Hub is a vibrant and engaging environment that sparks creativity and opportunities for our team to connect with each other as well as other businesses and organizations. The inspiration we find in the astonishing architecture is an added bonus, too. 

When it comes to remote work, we know communication is key. Keeping team members informed and motivated on projects helps provide the autonomy and agency they need to execute and hit project goals. In regard to producing the work, knowing when to reach out and ask questions is essential. Having an open environment in which inquiries are encouraged helps keep this culture.

Our policy is simple. Work where you can provide the greatest value to your craft, clients, and family. If you need that work life separation, we have a spot for you at the Hub. If you work best at home where you can unwind and take better care of yourself, that’s okay too!

In the end, we want to create an environment that makes each team member feel comfortable and supported. Because the best work happens when we feel seen and appreciated.

So now you know how we work. Next, do you want to see what we can do? Check out our services section and reach out if you think we could help your business. Feel free to give us a follow, too, to stay updated on our latest work.

July 19, 2022