10 Quick Tips About Blogging

Blogging is a mixture of art and science – and while there is no “right way” to approach blogging, there are some key strategies that can give you added leverage when starting out. 

  1. Consistency
    It’s no surprise that blogs with higher consistency rates have more subscriber growth. Remember: don’t get in your own way! It’s easy to lose traffic, so keep showing up and putting your work out there. 
  1. Be True to Your Authentic Voice
    Most of the time when blogging, it’s more about finding the right “voice” and less of finding the right topic. Readers resonate with delivery and how you present content to them. Your voice is arguably the most important aspect of your blog, but can oftentimes be the most overlooked. 
  1. Get Creative with Headlines
    Most readers have a split second where they decide if they will read your post, and most of that decision is based upon how compelling your headline is! Keep them simple, bold, useful and fun. 
  1. Be Your Own Reader
    Put yourself in their shoes – how does your content appeal to the audience you are trying to target? Always read your content before posting with this perspective in mind.
  1. Keeping It Mobile
    Chances are, most of your audience utilize their mobile phone to do things like surf blogs and websites. When establishing the design of your blog, make sure to optimize it for your mobile users. How? Keep your design simple and efficient, so that it’s enjoyable to read at your desk or on the go.
  1. Engage 
    Blogging is not a “you vs them” strategy. Blogging is about collaborating with your community! Post regularly, respond to comments and remember: stay authentic. 
  1. Make It Worth Citing
    When writing a blog, ask yourself this question: would this post make someone cite it for any reason? – whether it’s an original lesson, actionable information or just plain fascinating, create content that people want to reference. 
  1. It’s a Long Game
    Blogs are hardly ever an overnight success. Plan to invest time and effort into your blog to see the benefits! Simply put: be willing to learn for a long time. 
  1. Talk About Yourself
    This may seem obvious, but your readers want to know you! Teach them about you, your purpose and what they can expect to find on your blog.
  1. Build an Email List
    Email lists are by far the most effective way to keep in touch with your audience. While other social platforms are effective too, you own your email address and you can reach your audience without any limitations.

With these tips, you’ll be able to gain traffic while staying true to you and your audience.

April 22, 2021
Caitlin Patrick