generations of craftsmenmaking every housea forever home.

Zengel Group is a fourth generation home renovation company whose family has been constructing homes in the south Dayton region for over 80 years. Current owners, Jim and Connie, wanted to establish a website that captured the essence of their storied brand in a way that brought both past and current customers together. With decades of stories and history to build upon, Christopher & Mae designed and developed a new website and developed brand content that celebrated their legacy while positioning to connect with new audiences.


Our journey began with us sitting down and hearing the Zengel story starting with their great great grandfather, Adam Zengel, who got his start building homes in Dayton’s historic Oregon District when he immigrated from Europe in the 30s.

As we went through the decades and learned how each generation of Zengels made their mark on the brand, we began to imagine how these story points could be compiled visually to succinctly tell their story while giving it the presence and depth that it deserves. Our approach included creating pages that included a history timeline, detailed examples of their work, and a comprehensive overview of their approach and process.


Much like the Zengel brand, we built their website to be responsive to the needs of their audiences by building the site to be user friendly on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices.

To ensure the Zengels were able to continue to add content and imagery to the site as they add to their legacy, the site was developed on flexible CMS (Content Management System).

Once the site was launched, the Christopher & Mae team sat down with the Zengels and walked them through how to make updates and adjustments to the site on their own and what to be mindful of as time passes.

“Christopher & Mae created a stunning website that is not only user-friendly but really tells our story. It has been a true pleasure working with the whole team!”